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Welcome to the Decision Sciences Institute

A professional organization of Academicians and Practitioners interested in the application of quantitative and behavioral methods to the problems of society. Through national, international and regional conferences, competitions, and publications, the Institute provides an international forum for presenting and sharing research in the study of decision processes across disciplines. The Institute also plays a vital role in the academic community by offering professional development activities and job placement services.

Decision Line

The official news publication of the Institute, is published 5 times annually and includes a wide range of practical and educational feature columns (int'l studies, academic research, POM, IT, doctoral studies, classroom instruction, and software and book reviews), as well as information on members, regions, annual meeting events and placement activities.

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Decision Sciences

A quarterly, professional journal that publishes scholarly research about decision making within the boundaries of an organization. Decision Sciences (Journal) is subscribed to by more than 1,000 libraries and read by over 4,000 faculty and students in all functional areas of business, as well as by corporate-related personnel and consultants.

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Marc Schneiderjans,
DSI President

A Message From The President

On behalf of the entire DSI family, I am pleased to welcome you to The Decision Sciences Institute. We’re glad you've decided to join us in our mission of advancing the science and practice of decision making.

Our history tells the story of tradition, innovation and education, but also with learning and evolution come change. There are a lot of exciting changes happening at DSI. We’re launching this new website that will serve as a portal for our members, students, fellows, sponsors, volunteers, etc. The new site has been designed with the future in mind and plans have been set to provide regional members with access to their specific web portal, where you’ll be able to share and receive information about your experiences/areas of interest. 

To better utilize the tapestry of changing environments faced by organizations, DSI has broadened it topological interests. Through DSI’s journals and annual meeting we offer education, research and training in multi-discipline approaches that advance decision making research with application to all the functional areas of business and beyond.

We look forward to your participation and future contributions to the Decision Sciences.

Latest News

Dr. Anthony Joseph, MD Delivers Keynote Address at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – (December 9, 2014) Dr. Anthony Joseph, MD, the Chief Strategic Officer of The Healthcare Colloquium, a Battelle company, recently delivered a keynote address at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute. The address entitled "Constancy and Change in Healthcare: The Role of Decision Technologies in Creating the Healthcare System of the Future" sought to influence radical change in how decision support affects healthcare and provide a new model for national healthcare in America.

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A Letter from the President

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A Letter from the President

Your Board of Directors are helping to change and advance DSI to be a more responsive organization. For example, DSI is in the process of launching a social media program as another modernizing step in making our organization provide better service to our members. This new communication effort will among other things help keep you informed of important dates and events that DSI is undertaking.

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Trends and Research in the Decision Sciences

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Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference

For a half century, the members of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) have conducted and published quality research related to decision making in business and other organizations. Though the focal phenomena are diverse and cover many disciplines, the common focus is the individual and organizational decision process, with particular emphasis on improving effectiveness and efficiency. Topics range from supply chain management to information technology to operations management to healthcare administration and many others. This research is presented annually at our national and regional conferences and is found in our flagship journal, Decision Sciences, as well as the Decision Sciences Journal on Innovative Education.

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DSI INFO Listserv

DSI-INFO, an email listserv maintained by the Decision Sciences Institute, broadcasts messages containing news and announcements relating to DSI and the entire decision sciences community. The listserv can be used for announcing calls for papers and for updating news on meetings and other events.