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Decision Sciences Institute Regional Divisions

In addition to reaching an international community of scholars and practitioners, DSI sponsors subdivisions that promote and engage in activities and services in the following regions of the world: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Indian Subcontinent, Mexico, Midwest U.S., Northeast U.S., Southeast U.S., Southwest U.S., Western U.S. Each regional subdivision of the Institute has a constitution and bylaws that are consistent with those of the Institute. In addition, each region elects its own officers, holds annual meetings and sponsors special events. (Note: Regional members also hold membership in the Institute.) A Regional Activities Committee, consisting of all regional presidents, presidents-elect, and vice-presidents, serves as a vehicle of communication and coordination between and among the regional subdivisions and with the Institute's Board of Directors.


  • Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) holds an annual regional meeting each spring that features presentations of original research papers; Ph.D. and new faculty development seminars; a placement service; case writing; and other interesting innovations in the fields of Accounting; Business Education; Finance; HRM; Management; Marketing; MIS/DSS/Expert Systems and IT; Organizational Behavior; Operations Management; Strategic Management; and Supply Chain Management, among others. Awards for "Best Paper" in several different categories are given each year.

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  • Welcome to Southeast DSI, the southern member of The Decision Sciences Institute; a multidisciplinary international association dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving instruction in all business and related disciplines.

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  • As a professional society, Midwest Decision Sciences Institute first began in 1970. A significant participant in the development of MWDSI was Stan Hardy, Professor at Ohio State University. MWDSI holds a professional meeting annually in order to promote the attainment of its objectives. In support of its parent organization, MWDSI strives to be the premier professional organization of choice for business scholars. MWDSI is a multidisciplinary international association dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving instruction in all business and related disciplines. To pursue this mission, the MWDSI facilitates the development and dissemination of knowledge in the diverse disciplines of the decision sciences through publication, conferences, and other services.

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  • Decision Sciences is the union of the quantitative and behavioral approaches to managerial decision making encompassing all of the functional areas of business. The Decision Sciences Institute is an interdisciplinary association of professionals committed to the understanding and improvement of decision making in organizations, and to the development of scholar-teachers in the decision sciences. The Institute provides an international forum for the exchange of research in the decision sciences across disciplines, seeks to promote and integrate theoretical and applied research, and is an outlet for the publication and dissemination of current thinking in the decision sciences. The purposes of the Institute are to enrich the study of decision processes in both traditional and emerging areas of study as well as through the integration of these disciplines; to develop theoretical bases for the planning, design and implementation of decision sciences.

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  • The Western Decision Sciences Institute is a regional division of the Decision Sciences Institute. It serves its interdisciplinary academic and business members primarily through the organization of an annual conference and the publication of the Journal of Business and Management. The conference and journal allow academicians and business professionals from all over the world to share information and research with respect to all aspects of education, business, and organizational decisions.

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