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Message from the President

I am truly honored to be entrusted with the Presidency of DSI, following the excellent performance of its founder and all previous leaders.  This is especially important as DSI embarks on the efforts to celebrate its golden jubilee in 2019 and 50 years of its existence.  Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our founding members and all the thought-provoking DSI leaders during the past 48 years, DSI is alive and well and on its way to be recognized as the society of choice for the academicians and professionals in decision sciences.

Since its beginning, the core values of DSI have equally emphasized academic teaching and research on one side and training and practice on the other.  It has solidified its position as a professional society and is considered to be a comprehensive professional society in decision sciences.  Listening to many participants at various DSI events, we discover that young as well as matured professionals in Decision Sciences are equally excited and are willing to participate in various activities to help our society.  DSI is a service organization. For it to be successful, it needs to be aligned in its purpose and its offerings to its members and the decision sciences profession, be agile in making and implementing decisions,  provide accurate and timely information to everyone, be accessible to everyone, and be adaptable to the changing times and needs of its members and profession.  Over the past two years, the DSI Board of Directors worked hard to develop plans to be responsive to the above needs.  Therefore, our current efforts and activities aim at implementing these plans and to develop future strategic and tactical goals.

Successful completion of various DSI activities depends on the fullest extent of active participation in carrying out these works by its members.  DSI is our professional home and society. It was created by us—for us, and hence, it is up to us to enable it to contribute to our professional growth and career enhancements.  Therefore, I invite each of our members to come and play with us in jointly completing various activities that will create value for each of us and will enhance our society and profession. Rest assured that the water is warm and the swim is enjoyable.  Thus, this is our invitation for everyone to jump in and have a good time.



Jatinder (Jeet) N. D. Gupta
DSI President
College of Business
University of Alabama in Huntsville