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Message from the President


Hello DSI Friends,

As a member of DSI since my doctoral days, I have always valued the instrumental role that DSI has played in my professional and personal growth.  I’m honored to represent the DSI membership as President this year so that I can give back to DSI in an effort to advance its stature as a premier professional organization in decision sciences and enable others to enjoy the many benefits that DSI has provided me and many of my colleagues.

The foundation of DSI lies in the core value of advancing the science and practice of decision sciences. The Institute focuses on creating new knowledge and providing a platform for sharing and disseminating the knowledge through its journal portfolio, national, international, and regional conferences and soon through its colleges. DSI provides a welcoming environment for professional development and opportunity for connecting with colleagues from around the world.

The Decision Sciences disciplines are going through exciting times.  The interest in business analytics, supply chain management, information technology and other disciplines defining the decision sciences has never been greater.  This provides unprecedented opportunities for us to leverage our collective strengths and move the decision sciences discipline and the Institute forward.  However, this is only possible if we capitalize on these strengths and by the involvement of our membership. Please join me in this endeavor by increasing your engagement; publish in our journals, volunteer to serve as reviewers, serve on the Editorial Boards of our journals in various capacities, attend our conferences, volunteer for leadership roles, participate as committee members, participate in the conferences, and by all means help us grow by reaching out to new members, thought leaders and eminent scholars into the DSI fold. The ways you can get involved are numerous.  It is important to remember that this is your society and it can only get better with your participation. 

The DSI leadership team is committed to working hard, and with your participation, to elevate DSI to the next level. Your suggestions are always come.


Warm Regards,

Funda Sahin
2016-2017 Decision Sciences Institute President