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DSI Fellows (from left to right) Julie Kendall, Lee Krajewski, and Chris Voss present during the Fellows Reception at the 2014 Annual Meeting of DSI in Tampa, FL.

Current DSI Fellows

Adam, Everett E., Jr.

Anderson, John C.

Benson, P. George

Beranek, William

Berry, William L.

Bonini, Charles P.

Brightman, Harvey J.

Buffa, Elwood S.*

Cangelosi, Vincent*

Carter, Phillip L.

Chase, Richard B.

Chervany, Norman L.

Clapper, James M. Collons,

Rodger D.

Couger, J. Daniel*

Cummings, Larry L.*

Darden, William R.*

Davis, K. Roscoe

Davis, Mark M.

Day, Ralph L.*

Digman, Lester A.

Dock, V. Thomas

Ebert, Ronald J.

Ebrahimpour, Maling

Edwards, Ward

Evans, James R.

Fetter, Robert B.

Flores, Benito E.

Flynn, Barbara B.

Franz, Lori S.

Ghosh, Soumen

Glover, Fred W.

Gonzalez, Richard F.

Grawoig, Dennis E.*

Green, Paul E.

Groff, Gene K.

Gupta, Jatinder N.D.

Hahn, Chan K.

Hamner, W. Clay

Hayya, Jack C.

Heineke, Janelle

Hershauer, James C.

Holsapple, Clyde

Horowitz, Ira

Houck, Ernest C.*

Huber, George P.

Jacobs, F. Robert Jones,

Thomas W.

Kendall, Julie E.

Kendall, Kenneth E.

Keown, Arthur J.

Khumawala, Basheer M.

Kim, Kee Young

King, William R.

Klein, Gary

Koehler, Anne B.

Krajewski, Lee J.

LaForge, Lawrence

Latta, Carol J.*

Lee, Sang M.

Luthans, Fred

Mabert, Vincent A.

Malhotra, Manoj K.

Malhotra, Naresh K.

Markland, Robert E.

McMillan, Claude

Miller, Jeffrey G.

Monroe, Kent B.

Moore, Laurence J.

Moskowitz, Herbert

Narasimhan, Ram

Neter, John

Nutt, Paul C.

Olson, David L.

Perkins, William C.

Peters, William S.

Philippatos, George C.

Ragsdale, Cliff T.

Raiffa, Howard

Rakes, Terry R.

Reinmuth, James R.

Ritzman, Larry P.

Roth, Aleda V.

Sanders, Nada

Schkade, Lawrence L.

Schniederjans, Marc J.

Schriber, Thomas J.

Schroeder, Roger G.

Simone, Albert J.

Slocum, John W., Jr.

Smunt, Timothy

Sobol, Marion G.

Sorensen, James E.

Sprague, Linda G.*

Steinberg, Earle

Summers, George W.*

Tang, Kwei

Taylor, Bernard W., III

Troutt, Marvin D.

Uhl, Kenneth P.*

Vakharia, Asoo J.

Vazsonyi, Andrew*

Voss, Christopher A.

Ward, Peter T.

Wasserman, William

Wemmerlov, Urban

Wheelwright, Steven C.

Whitten, Betty J.

Whybark, D. Clay

Wicklund, Gary A.

Winkler, Robert L.

Woolsey, Robert E. D.

Wortman, Max S., Jr.*

Zmud, Robert W.



In order for the nominee to be considered, the nominator must submit in electronic form a full vita of the nominee along with a letter of nomination which highlights the contributions made by the nominee in research, teaching and/or administration and service to the Institute. Nominations must highlight the nominee’s contributions and provide appropriate supporting information which may not be contained in the vita. A candidate cannot be considered for two consecutive years.

Send nominations to:

Chair of the Fellows Committee
Decision Sciences Institute
C.T. Bauer College of Business
334 Melcher Hall, Suite 325
Houston, TX 77204-6021