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DSI members receive valuable opportunities to collaborate and network with colleagues in the decision sciences. Through national, international and regional meetings, competitions, and publications such as the Decision Sciences Journal, the Institute encourages innovative and groundbreaking research and teaching in the study of decision processes that includes both traditional and emerging areas of study.

In each issue of Decision Line, DSI members share news of their latest publications, promotions, and honors (see Archives). If you would like to share your good news, contact the Decision Line editor.

The Institute also maintains a record of DSI award winners (see Hall of Fame). Because of the outstanding contributions of its members, the Decision Sciences Institute has become the premier professional organization dedicated to the science, practice, and teaching of business decision making.

Annual Meetings

The Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) sponsors international, national, and regional conferences that are dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving instruction in all business and related disciplines.

The DSI Annual Meeting (usually held in the third week of November in a major U.S. city), draws over 1,500 professionals together to share current thoughts on theoretical and applied issues, as well as professional development. At the Annual Meeting, DSI acknowledges exceptional contributions to the decision sciences with several distinguished awards.

Nov 22-25, 2014
@ the Marriott Waterside,
in Tampa, FL.

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  • Regional Support
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  • Access to the global DSI member directory
  • Online and offline networking opportunities between members
  • Alerts & Notifications of Conferences, Meetings and other upcoming events
  • Consistent communications i.e., Newsletters, email updates, organizations news, regional news, papers, etc.
  • Direct access to DSI activities and promotions, including placements and job postings

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Placement Services

DSI Placement Services have a proven track record of bringing together job applicants and school representatives in the decision sciences. The online placement listings are available to applicants and recruiters throughout the year. At the Annual Meeting, the Institute operates a placement service located conveniently near the conference registration area and exhibits that allows attendees to meet.

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By joining DSI today, you'll receive subscriptions to these three publications: 

The Decision Sciences Institute publishes two academic journals, Decision Sciences and Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, as well as the online publication Decision Line, with news and feature articles by distinguished academics.

Both journals, edited by DSI members and printed/distributed by Wiley-Blackwell, are subscribed to by more than 1,000 libraries and read by over 4,000 faculty and students, as well as by corporate-related personnel and consultants.

Decision Sciences, published quarterly; 

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, published biannually; 

and the news publication Decision Line, published online five times a year.


Decision Sciences

A quarterly, professional journal that publishes
scholarly research about decision making within
the boundaries of an organization. Decision
Sciences (Journal) is subscribed to by more than 1,000 libraries
and read by over 4,000 faculty and students in all functional areas of
business, as well as by corporate-related personnel and consultants.

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Decision Line

The official news publication of the Institute, is published 5 times annually and includes a wide range of practical and educational feature columns (int'l studies, academic research, POM, IT, doctoral studies, classroom instruction, and software and book reviews), as well as information on members, regions, annual meeting events and placement activities.

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