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March 2008 / Volume 39(2)

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Page 1: President's Letter. "Renewing DSI: We Have a Heart, We Have a Brain—All We Need Is Courage," by Kenneth E. Kendall, Rutgers University.

From the Editor. Decision Line Editor Krishna Dhir provides an overview of 39(2) feature articles.

POM. “Under-researched: Operations Management Interfaces,” by Danny Samson, Department of Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne, Australia.

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Ecommerce. “OpenID: A Potential Authentication Technology,” by Timothy DiVito, Rutgers University.

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The Deans’ Perspective. “Isn’t it Time to Stop Making Clones of Ourselves?”, by George E. Stevens, College of Business Administration, Kent State University. [See archive of Dean's Perspective articles]

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The Bookshelf. “Is One of these Texts Right for Your Business Forecasting Course?”, by Barbara Price and Xiaolong Zhang, Georgia Southern University.

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2008 Annual Meeting News on the upcoming conference to be held in Baltimore, Maryland.

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