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Doctoral Student Issues

Forming an Adaptive Network for Doctoral Student Success, by Gary F. Templeton and Kirk P. Arnett. Decision Line, May 2006, 37(3).

How Am I Doing? Checklist for Doctoral Students at Various Stages of Their Program, by Varun Grover, Clemson University. Decision Line, March 2006, 37(2).

A Rough Model for Success in Doctoral Study,” by Varun Grover, Department of Management, Clemson University. Decision Line, October 2004, 35(5).

Maximizing the PhD Seminar Experience for Doctoral Students, by Andrew Gold, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina. Decision Line, January 2004, 35(1).

Want to Launch a Successful Academic Career? Then Build a Multi-Disciplinary Foundation, by Rohit Verma, University of Utah. Decision Line, July 2003, 34(4).

Interaction Between a Doctoral Student and Advisor: Making it Work!, by Varun Grover and Manoj K. Malhotra, Clemson University. Decision Line, Dec/Jan 2003, 34(1).

The Process of Getting a Position in Academia, by Carol Prahinski, Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. Decision Line, Dec/Jan 2002, 33(1).

Working on the Doctoral Dissertation, by Jay E. Aronson, The University of Georgia. Decision Line, Sept/Oct 2001, 32(5).

A Short Bill of Rights for Ph.D. Students, by Marc J. Schniederjans, University of Nebraska. Decision Line, July 2001, 32(4).

10 Mistakes Doctoral Students Make in Managing their Program, by Varun Grover, University of South Carolina. Decision Line, May 2001, 32(3).

Answers to Doctoral Students’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), by Daniel Robey, Georgia State University. Decision Line, March 2001, 32(2).

Changing Expectations for Doctoral Education, by Larry P. Ritzman, Boston College; Anne B. Koehler, Miami University; Walter P. VanBuskirk, Sullivan and Worcester; and James C. Hershauer, Arizona State University. Decision Line, Sept/Oct 2000, 31(5).

The On-line Ph.D. as Computer-supported Work, by Kevin Crowston, Syracuse University.  Decision Line, July 2000, 31(4).

The Online Ph.D., by Peter Carr, Athabasca University, Canada.  Decision Line, May 2000, 31(3).

Writing the Doctoral Dissertation: A Systematic Approach, by Gordon B. Davis, University of Minnesota. Decision Line, March 2000, 31(2).

Research planning activities at the DSI Doctoral Consortium, by Julie E. Kendall, Feature Editor. Decision Line, v30n4.

Pursuing a dream with the help of the Fulbright program, by Ayman Hamdi Abu Hamdieh, Rutgers University. Decision Line, v30n3.

The PhD Project’s Doctoral Students Associations, by Bernard Milano, KPMG Foundation. Decision Line, v30n2.

Mentoring Ph.D. Students: A Student Perspective, by Marcus Rothenberger, Carlos Jesus Alsua, and Natasa Christodoulidou, Arizona State University. Decision Line, v30n1.

Academic Careers in the 21st Century: The Brave New World, by Keith Absher and Kerry Gatlin, The University of North Alabama. Decision Line, v28n5.

Improving Ph.D. Education through Planning and Incentives, by Richard J. Lutz, University of Florida. Decision Line, v28n3.

Life After Doctoral Programs: A Retrospective on the First DSI Doctoral Consortium Class, by Bill Fischer, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. Decision Line, March 1997, 28(2).

Career Advancement Strategies in a Buyer's Market, by Ken Boyer, DePaul University, Susan Amundson, Arizona State University, Robert Handfield, Michigan State University, and Manus (Johnny) Rungtusanatham, University of Wisconsin - Madison. Decision Line, Dec/Jan 1997, 28(1).

So, you want an academic job?!?, by Jeffrey D. Camm, Department of Quantitative Analysis and Operations Management, University of Cincinnati. Decision Line, Sept/Oct 1996, 27(5).

Using DSI's placement message service at the annual meeting: A practical guide, by Hal Jacobs, Home Office, Georgia State University. Decision Line, July 1996, 27(4).

The New Realities of the Academic Market: Prescriptions for Success, by Ann Marucheck, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Decision Line, May 1996, 27(3).

Entering the Academic Marketplace: An Environment of Change, by Peter B. Barr, School of Business and Computer Science, Coastal Carolina University. Decision Line, March 1996, 27(2).

State of the Market for Ph.Ds, by David L. Olson, Department of Business Analysis, Texas A&M University. Decision Line, Dec/Jan 1996, 27(1).

Training Doctoral Students in the Art of Teaching, by Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University. Decision Line, September/October 1995, 26(5).

From Ph.D. to JOB: Time management tips, by Nancy Lea Hyer, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. Decision Line, July 1995, 26(4).

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Manoj K. Malhotra, Feature Editor of "Doctoral Student Issues"
Moore School of Business
University of South Carolina, Columbia