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Research in the Decision Sciences for Global Business:  Best Papers from the 2013 Annual Conference 

The papers in Common Disciplines that Separate Us consider classic problems in decision sciences through new lenses, reflecting the crucial role of local contexts in a globally connected and standardized world.  Presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of the European Decision Sciences Institute (EDSI) in 2013, this important research embraces the duality of globally determined local contexts, offering new insights into decision-making in all venues and sectors of society. This new volume's papers focus on optimizing decision-making related to: 

  • Strengthening national economic competitiveness
  • Reforming the public sector and higher education
  • Deploying information technology more effectively throughout government
  • Making healthcare policy that achieves better outcomes at lower cost
  • Analyzing social networks
  • Improving processes via data visualization, modeling, and simulation
  • Gaining more value from enterprise business intelligence
  • Offshoring, nearshoring, "right shoring," and other key manufacturing decisions
  • Improving supply chain performance, and much more

You may purchase a copy of the book from the following online book retailer April 28, 2015: