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October 2011 / Volume 42(5)

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October 2011 Decision Line (pdf file)

Let feature editors & guest writers hear from you!

President's Letter. "Congregating in Boston," by Krishna S. Dhir, Berry College.

From the Editor. Decision Line Editor Krishna S. Dhir provides an overview of 42(5) feature articles.

DSI Election Special Feature. Candidates for the position of DSI president-elect, Maling Ebrahimpour and Soumen Ghosh, provide their vision statements for the 2012 election of officers.

2010 DSI Instructional Innovation Award Competition Finalists."Puzzle-Based Learning: An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Problem Solvilng," by Zbigniew Michalewicz and Nickolas Falkner, University of Adelaide; and Raja Sooriamurthi, Carnegie Mellon University.

International Issues. "An Overview of Management Information Systems in China," by Ying Sai, Loyola Marymount University.

E-Commerce. "2D or Not 2D: That Is the Barcode Question," by Julie E. Kendall, Rutgers University.

Research Issues. "Research Opportunities for Supporting Humanitarian Operations," by Aruna Apte, The Naval Postgraduate School.

From the Bookshelf. "Convergenomics," by Katherine M. Chudoba, Utah State University.

Alpha Iota Delta. "The International Honor Society in the Decision Sciences and Information Systems," by Mehmet Ulema, Manhattan College.

Decision Sciences Journal: An Update.

2011 DSI Annual Meeting section (pdf file)

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