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Decision Sciences Institute Regional Areas

In addition to reaching an international community of scholars and practitioners, DSI sponsors subdivisions that promote and engage in activities and services in the following regions of the world: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Indian subcontinent, Mexico, Midwest U.S., Northeast U.S., Southeast U.S., Southwest U.S., Western U.S. Each regional subdivision of the Institute has a constitution and bylaws that are consistent with those of the Institute. In addition, each region elects its own officers, holds annual meetings and sponsors special events. (Note: Regional members also hold membership in the Institute.) A Regional Activities Committee consisting of all regional presidents and presidents-elect and vice-presidents, serves as a vehicle of communication and coordination between and among the regional subdivisions and with the Institute's Board of Directors.


  • European Decision Sciences Institute (EDSI), is a professional organization of European researchers, managers, educators, students, and institutions interested in decision-making in private and public organizations. Members of EDSI are automatically members of DSI and as such can leverage on the long history of the parent organization that gives access to a global network of members and resources. Also, EDSI is open to all DSI members who wish to be affiliated with this regional subdivision. Find out more about EDSI from 
  • For more information regarding the 2018 EDSI Conference, click here