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Welcome to the Decision Sciences Institute Hall of Fame.

Below you will find listings of award winners throughout the Institute's 40-year history. Because of these individuals' outstanding contributions, the Decision Sciences Institute has become the premier professional organization dedicated to the science, practice, and teaching of business decision making.

The following list is still a work-in-progress. If you have information on an award winner not listed here, please contact Hal Jacobs at the DSI Home Office (

See 2013 DSI Annual Meeting Awards

Dennis E. Grawoig Distinguished Service Award

2013. E. Powell Robinson, Jr., University of Houston
Ram Narasimhan, Michigan State University
G. Keong Leong, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2010. Thomas W. Jones, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
2009. Gary L. Ragatz, Michigan State University
Krishna S. Dhir, Berry College
Barbara B. Flynn, Indiana University
Michael J. Maggard, Northeastern University
2005. Joseph R. Biggs, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
2004. F. Robert Jacobs, Indiana University
2003. Lee J. Krajewski, University of Notre Dame
2002. Michael J. Showalter, Florida State University
2001. Lawrence L. Schkade, University of Texas at Arlington
2000. James R. Evans, University of Cincinnati
1999. Betty J. Whitten, University of Georgia
1998. Norman L. Chervany, University of Minnesota
1997. John Anderson, University of Minnesota
1996. Larry P. Ritzman, Boston College
1995. K. Roscoe Davis, University of Georgia
1994. Terry R. Rakes, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1993. Ronald J. Ebert, University of Missouri
1992. Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University
1991. Bernard (Chuck) W. Taylor, III, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1990. James M. Clapper, Wake Forest University
1989. Charles P. Bonini, Stanford University
1988. William C. Perkins, Indiana University
1987. Linda G. Sprague, University of New Hampshire
1986. Laurence J. Moore, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1985. Robert E. Markland, University of South Carolina
1984. Carol J. Latta, Home Office; and D. Clay Whybark, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
1983. Ira Horowitz, University of Florida
1982. Earle Steinberg
1981. John Neter, University of Georgia
1980. Sang M. Lee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1979. Karen Meals Clayton
1978. V. Thomas Dock
1977. James E. Sorensen and William R. Darden
1976. Gary A. Wicklund, University of Iowa
1975. Gene K. Groff
1974. John P. Phillips
1973. Dennis E. Grawoig
1972. Albert J. Simone and Rodger D. Collons
1971. Vincent Cangelosi, University of Southwest Louisiana

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Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award

(co-sponsored by McGraw-Hill/Irwin & Decision Sciences Institute)

2013 Winner: To be determined at the annual meeting

2012 Winner: Alan Mackelprang, Georgia Southern University
Beyond Firm Boundaries: Exploring the Interdependence Between Supply Chain Partners
Advisor and Degree-Granting Institution: Manoj Malhotra, University of South Carolina

2011 Co-Winners:
Emily J. Kohnke (Ph.D., University of Minnesota; Advisor: K. K. Sinha)
Health Care Supply Chain Design for Emerging Economies
Gökçe Esenduran (Ph.D., University of North Carolina;
Advisors: Jayashankar M. Swaminathan & Eda Kemahliogulu-Ziya)

Role of Environmental Legislation and Firm-Level Strategies on Product Take Back

2010 Winner: Aravind Chandrasekaran, Ohio State University
Multiple Levels of Ambidexterity in the Managing the Innovation-Improvement Dilemma: Evidence from High Technology Organizations
Dissertation Advisors and Degree-granting Institution: Kevin Linderman and Roger Schroeder,
Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

2009 Winner: Amrou Awaysheh, Instituto de Empresa - IE Business School
Socially Responsible Practices in Operations & Supply Chains
Dissertation Advisor and Degree-granting Institution: Robert D. Klassen, University of Western Ontario

2008 Winner: Scott C. Ellis, Clemson University
Toward Supplier Portfolio Management Theory: An Empirical Study of Buyer­-Supplier Relationships in the U.S. Automotive Components Industry
Dissertation Advisor & Degree-granting Institution: Nallan C. Suresh, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

2007 Winner: John Gray, The Ohio State University
Essays on Manufacturing Outsourcing
Degree-granting Institution: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Co-Advisors: Aleda V. Roth, Clemson University; Wendell G. Gilland, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

2006 Winner: Michael Naor, George Mason University.
The Relationship between Culture, Quality Management Practices, and Manufacturing Performance.
Degree-granting Institution: University of Minnesota.
Advisors: Roger G. Schroeder and Kevin Linderman.

2005 Winner: Tipparat Laohavichien, Kasetsart University in Thailand.
Leadership and Quality Management: A Comparison Between the U.S. and Thailand.
Degree-granting Institution: Clemson University.
Advisor: Lawrence Fredendall.

2004 Winner: Anand Nair, Auburn University.
Essays on Innovation, Product Development and Strategic Supply Chain Management-An Analytical Investigation of Strategies for Competition and Collaboration.
Degree-granting Institution: Michigan State University.
Advisor: Ram Narasimhan.

2003 Winner: Joan McMahon, Christopher Newport University.
An Analysis of the Factor Structure of the Multidimensional Ethics Scale and a Perceived Morality Intensity Scale, and the Effects of Moral Intensity on Ethical Judgment.
Degree-granting Institution: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Advisor: Robert Harvey.

Craig Froehle, University of Cincinnati.
The Influence of Technology Attributes on Customer Service Perceptions in a Computer-Mediated Environment.
Degree Institution: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Advisor: Aleda Roth.
Joon Park, Singapore Management University.
A Framework for Integrating Product Platform Development with Global Supply Chain Configuration.
Degree Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology.
Advisor: Soumen Ghosh, Co-Advisor: Nagesh Murthy.

2001. Catherine Ridings, Lehigh University.
Determinants of Trust and Use in Virtual Communities. Degree-Granting School: Department of Management, Drexel University. Dissertation Advisor: Bay Arinze

2000. Qiang Tu, Rochester Institute of Technology.
Achieving Mass Customization through Technology Application and Absorptive Capacity - A Customer-Oriented Framework.
Degree-Granting School: The University of Toledo. Dissertation
Advisors: T.S. Ragu-Nathan and Mark A. Vonderembse.

1999. Sime Curkovic, Western Michigan University.
"Investigating the Linkage Between Total Quality Management and Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing." Degree-Granting School: Michigan State University. Dissertation Advisors: Steven A. Melnyk (Co-Chairman), Robert Handfield (Co-Chairman), Roger Calantone and Gyula Vastag.

1998. Joy Field, Boston College.
"Drivers of Quality in the Production System: A Longitudinal Field Study of the Effect of Work Teams on Manufacturing Quality." Degree Institution: University of Minnesota.Advisors: Drs. Kingshuk K. Sinha, University of Minnesota, and Rajiv Banker, University of Texas at Dallas.

1997. Elena Katok, Colorado School of Mines.
"Planning Manufacturing Flexibility in an Uncertain Production Environment." Advisor: Terry P. Harrison. Degree-Granting Institution: The Pennsylvania State University.

1996. Robert Klassen, The University of Western Ontario.
"The Implications of Environmental Management Strategy for Manufacturing Performance." Degree Granting School: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Advisor: D. Clay Whybark.

1995. Anil Khurana, Boston University.
"Quality in the Global Color Picture Tube Industry: Managing Complex Production Processes." Degree-Granting School: University of Michigan. Advisors: F. Brian Talbot and Roger Johnson.

1994. John J. Lawrence, University of Idaho.
"The Use of the Just-In-Time Production Philosophy in Mexico: An Empirical Study." Advisor: Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein, The Pennsylvania State University.

1993. Minghe Sun, University of Texas at San Antonio.
"Interactive Multiple Objective Programming Procedures via Adaptive Random Search and Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Networks." Advisor: Ralph E. Steuer, University of Georgia.

1992. Susan Wright Palocsay, James Madison University.
"Nonconvex Fractional Programming." Advisor: James E. Falk, George Washington University.

1991. John Seydel, University of Mississippi.
"Development and Implementation of Multiple Criteria Approaches to Optimization in Construction Bidding." Advisor: David L. Olson, Texas A&M University.

1990. Bhaba Sarker, Louisiana State University.
"The Amoebic Matrix and One-Dimensional Machine Location Problems." Advisors: Gary L. Hogg and Wilbert Wilhelm, Texas A&M University.

1989. Luis Huete, I.E.S.E., Barcelona, Spain (degree received from Boston University).
"Delivery System Design in American Retail Banks: An Empirical Study."

1988. Dale Goodhue, University of Minnesota (degree received from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
"Supporting Users of Corporate Data: The Effect of I/S Policy Choices."

1987. Shoshana Anily, University of British Columbia (degree received from Columbia University).
"Integrating Inventory Control and Transportation Planning." Advisor: Awi Federgruen.

1985. Dale Eugene Rude, University of Missouri-Columbia (degree received from the University of Iowa).
"A Test of a Product-Market Diversification Model of Conglomerate Merger."

1984. Terry P. Harrison, The Pennsylvania State University.
"Design and Development of a Decision Support System for Forest Management Planning with Multiple Objectives." Advisor: Richard E. Rosenthal. Degree Granting School: The University of Tennessee.

1983. Richard James Penlesky, Marquette University (degree received from Indiana University).
"Open Order Rescheduling for MRP Systems in Manufacturing Firms."

1982. Honorable Mention: John Ricketts, Indiana University.
"An Investigation of Some Effects of Environmental Complexity and Systematic Bias on the MIS User-System Interface: A Simulation Experiment."

1981. Gregory G. Dess. "The Relationship Between Objective and Subjective Measures of Manufacturers' Competitive Environments: Implications for Firm Economic Performance."

1980. Elaine Bennett, Northwestern University.
"Coalition Formation and Payoff Distribution in Cooperative Games." Asok Chaudhuri, Case Western Reserve University. "Analytical Modelling for Planning and Budgeting: Application of Mathematical Programming in a Zero Base Approach." Janet Thatcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "A Theoretical and Empirical Study of the Effect of Financial Leverage and Taxes on the Behavior of the Regulated and Unregulated Firm Under Uncertainty."

1979. Kose John. "Computing Equilibrium Paths of Continuous Families of Economies: A Homotopy Technique and Algorithms."

1978. Ronald Walter Hilton, The Ohio State University.
"The Determinants of Information Value: An Inquiry in the Context of the Cost-Volume-Profit Decision."

1977. Dennis P. Dykstra, Oregon State University.
"Timber Harvest Layout by Mathematical and Heuristic Programming." Jeffrey H. Horen, Yale University. "Scheduling of Network Television Programs."

1976. John M. Mulvey, UCLA.
"Special Structures in Network Modes and Associated Applications." Rakesh K. Sarin, UCLA. "Interactive Procedures for Evaluation of Multi-Attributed Alternatives."

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Best Application Paper

2013. Nils-Hassan Quttineh and Helene Lidestam, Linköping University.
Supply Chain Planning at a Chemical Process Industry

2012. Suntichai Kotcharin (Thammasat University), Steve Eldridge (Lancaster University), James Freeman (University of Manchester). The Relationship between Lean Supply Chain Strategy and Supplier Integration and Competitive Capabilities in Thailand's Automotive Suppliers

2011. Jian Hua (The University of the District of Columbia), Sanjay Bapna (Morgan State University). Who Can We Trust? The Influence of Insider Threats on IS Security Investments

2010. Baofeng Huo, Xi’an Jiaotong University; Xiande Zhao, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Fujun Lai, University of Southern Mississippi. Supply Chain Quality Integration: A Global Empirical Study

2009. Stephan M. Wagner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and Victor Silveira Camargos, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Decision Model for the Application of Just In Sequence

2008. Cihan Cobanoglu, University of Delaware; Baker M. Ayoun, Auburn University; and Daniel J. Connolly, University of Denver. The Effect of Information Technology Steering Committees on Perceived IT Management Sophistication in Hotels

2007. Charles R. Gowen III, Gregory N. Stock, Kathleen L. McFadden, Northern Illinois University
Effects of Six Sigma and Knowledge Management on Healthcare Organizational Results and Competitive Advantage

2006. Mario G. Augusto, University of Coimbra; Elisio F. Brandao, University of Oporto; and Joao V. Lisboa, University of Coimbra.
Dividends Policy and Capital Structure: An Empirical Application in the Portuguese Corporate Context

2005. Dean C. Chatfield, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Terry P. Harrison, Pennsylvania State University; Jack C. Hayya, Pennsylvania State University).
SCML: A Generalized Supply Chain Description Language

2004. Paul Stephens, Bradley University; James R. Evans, University of Cincinnati; and Charles H. Matthews, University of Cincinnati. "Small Business View of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence."

2003. Scott E. Sampson, Brigham Young University. "Objective Function Specification in a Scheduling Optimization Problem."

2002. Scott Sampson, Brigham Young University. "DSI 2001 Preference-Based Scheduling."

2001. Daesik Hur, Bowling Green State University; Vincent A. Mabert, Indiana University; and Kurt M. Bretthauer, Indiana University. "Real Time Work Schedule Adjustment in a Quick Service Operation System."

2000. Kathleen L. McFadden, Northern Illinois University. "Operations Safety: A Study of the Effectiveness of a Commercial Aviation Program."

1999. Elliot Bendoly, Indiana University, Kurt Bretthauer, Indiana University, Murray J. Côté, Trinity University, and Daesik Hur, Indiana University. "Health Care Service Operations: Resource Planning Tools and the Role of Information Technology."

1998. Steven Walczak, University of Colorado at Denver. "A Decision Support Tool for Allocating Hospital Bed Resources."

1997. Edward J. Conlon, Sarvanan Devaraj, and Khalil F. Matta, University of Notre Dame. "Is Quality Perception a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? The Case of the Automotive Industry."

1996. Michael J. Brusco, Florida State University, and Tony R. Johns, Clarion University of Pennsylvania. "Staffing a Multi-Skilled Workforce with Varying Levels of Productivity: An Analysis of Cross-Training Policies."

1995. Ronald K. Satterfield, University of South Florida, and E. Powell Robinson, Jr., Texas A&M University. "An Integrated Framework for Profit Maximizing Distribution System Design."

1994. L. Douglas Smith, Susan M. Sanchez and Edward C. Lawrence, University of Missouri-St. Louis. "A Comprehensive Model for Managing Credit Risk and Forecasting Losses on Portfolios of Home Mortgages."

1993. Dorothy G. Dologite, William J. Ferns, and B. Loerinc Helft, City University of New York - Baruch College, Robert J. Mockler, St. Johns University, and Robert S. Pfeffer, New York City Mayor's Office. "Juvenile Delinquent Legal Advisement., Development of an Expert System Prototype."

1992. Varun Grover and James T. C. Teng, University of South Carolina. "Factors Contributing to the Successful Implementation of Customer-Based Inter-Organizational Systems."

1991. Charles R. Gowen, III, and William J. Tallon, Northern Illinois University. "Turnaround Strategies for American and Japanese Corporations."

1990. Manoj K. Malhotra, University of South Carolina, Larry P. Ritzman, The Ohio State University, W. C. Benton, The Ohio State University, and Keong G. Leong, The Ohio State University. "A Mathematical Programming Model for Scheduling Postal Distribution Employees."

1989. James J. Divoky and Mary Anne Rothermel, The University of Akron. "Patterns in Student Preferences for Teaching Behaviors."

1988. John J. Bernardo, University of Kentucky, and Edward Gillenwater, University of Louisville. "An Efficient Heuristic for Scheduling the Operation of a Continuous Miner and Bolter."

1987. Cheryl Gaimon, Ohio State University. "Closed versus Open Loop Dynamic Game Results on the Acquisition of New Technology."

1985. Fred Glover, University of Colorado-Boulder, Randy Glover, Management Robotics, Claude McMillan, University of Colorado-Boulder, and Scott McMillan, Management Robotics. "The General Employee Scheduling Problem: An Effective Large Scale Solution Approach."

1984. Joseph G. Glynn and Stanley Arbeit. "Teaching Product Lifecycle - An Interactive Computer Simulation."

1983. n/a

1982. n/a

1981. Clifford R. Skousen, Utah State University, and Gerald L. Hooper, Logan Regional Hospital. "A Cost Allocation Model for Hospital Surgical Suites."

1980. Peter S. Rose and Gary A. Giroux, Texas A&M University. "Models of Corporate Bankruptcy: An Analytical and Empirical Evaluation."

1979. Alan H. Kvanli and James J. Buckley. "A Sequential Decision Rule for Credit Card Screening."

1978. Paul A. Griffin and David S. Ng, Stanford University. "Competitive Information Source and Capital Market Behavior: Theory and Empirical Test."

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Best Teaching Case Studies Award Competition

2012: Sinan Erzurumlu, Babson College
Deploying Sustainbility at Solea

2011: Christopher J. Roethlein and John K. Visich (Bryant University)
Narragansett Brewing Company: The Rebirth of a Brand

2010: Robert E. Collier, Mike Kadish, and Elliott Weiss, Darden School, University of Virginia
Czech Mate: Jake and Dan's Marvelous Adventure (A+B)

2009: Brandy S. Cannon and Louis A. Le Blanc, Berry College You've Got Mail

2008: Matthew J. Drake (Duquesne University); Paul M. Griffin (Georgia Institute of Technology); Julie L. Swann (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Keeping Logistics Under Wraps

2007: Rebecca Grant, University of Victoria
istockphoto. com

2006: Carol Prahinski, University of Western Ontario; Eric O.Olsen, California Polytechnic State University; and Renee Reid, University of Western Ontario
Wilkins: A Zurn Company: Materials Requirements Planning

2005: Natalie Simpson, University of Buffalo (SUNY)
East Aurora Fire Department

2004: Robert Klassen, University of Western Ontario. "Electrosteel Castings Limited"

2003: Carol Prahinski and John Haywood-Farmer, University of Western Ontario. "Quinte MRI and Quinte MRI Teaching Note"

2002: Thomas E. Vollmann, IMD; Carlos Cordon. "Freqon -- Buyer-Supplier Evolution?"

2001: William A. Fischer, International Institute for Management Development. "Stephen King and the Publishing Industry's Worst Nightmare"

2000: Rebecca A. Grant, University of Victoria. "Advanced Book Exchange Inc.: The Partnership"

1999: Neil R. Jones, The University of Western Ontario. "Industrie Pininfarina: The New Customer Decision"

1998: J. B. Wilkinson, Youngstown State University, and Gary B. Frank, The University of Akron. "Cironi's Sewing Center: Adding New Merchandise Lines"

1997: John S. Haywood-Farmer, University of Western Ontario. "Mutual Life of Canada - The Group Client Service Guarantee"

1996: Robert J. Mockler and Leonora Fuxman, St. John's University, and Dorothy Dologite, City University of New York-Baruch College. "Cineplex Odeon-The Motion Picture Theater Industry"

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Best Case Studies Paper Award

2011: Jongsawas Chongwatpol (Oklahoma State Univ), Ramesh Sharda (Oklahoma State Univ), Naruamol Benmard (TMA Systems, LLC)
RFID-enabled Track and Traceability in Job-Shop Scheduling Environment


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Best Environmental Issues Paper

2012. n/a

2011. Wenjun Gu (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), Dilip Chhajed (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Nicholas C. Petruzzi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). Is Remanufacturing Environmentally Friendly?

2010. Sarv Devaraj and Suvrat Dhanorkar, University of Notre Dame. Do as I Say Not as I Do—An Empirical Examination of the Relationship between Corporate Sustainability Beliefs and Performance.

2004-2009. n/a

2003. David West and Scott Dellana, East Carolina University. "Nonlinear Forecasting Models for Predicting Wastewater Effluent Loads."

2002. Frank Montabon, Iowa State University; Robert Sroufe, Boston College; Ram Narasimhan, Michigan State University; Xinyan Wang, Household Financial. "An Examination of the Relationship Between Environmental Practices and Firm Performance."

2001. Robert Sroufe, Boston College; Frank L. Montabon, Iowa State University; Ram Narasimhan, Michigan State University; and Xinyan Wang, Michigan State University. "A Framework for Corporate Environmental Practices and Its Application for Enhancing Environmental Management."

2000. Peter Neergaard and Bettina Kildegaard Winsten, Copenhagen Business School. "Factors Leading to Excellence in Environmental Management. An Environmental Study."

1999. Remko I. van Hoek, Erasmus University. "Greening the Automotive Supply Chain Through Technology and Operations."

1998. Ingrid M. Martin, University of Colorado; Holly Wise Bender, Colorado School of Mines; Wade E. Martin, Colorado School of Mines; Deborah Shields, USDA Forest Service. "The Impact of Goals on the 'Values-Attitudes-Behaviors' Framework."

1997. Linda C. Angell, The Pennsylvania State University, and Monika Winn, University of Victoria. "Viridity: The Quality or State of Being Green."

1996. Dan L. Worrell, K. Matthew Gilley, Wallace N. Davidson III, and Abuzar El-Jelly, The University of Texas at Arlington. "When Green Turns to Black: Announced Greening Activities and Firm Performance."

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Best Interdisciplinary Paper

2013. Ta-Wei Kao and Winston T. Lin, The State University of New York at Buffalo; Hsin-Hsin Chang, National Cheng Kung University. Managing Brand Equity in E-Banking: A Simultaneous Equations System Approach

2012. Yang Yu (Texas Tech Universit), Dara Gale Schniederjans (Texas Tech University),
Qing Cao (Texas Tech University). Cloud Computing: Supply Chain Applications and Implementation Issues—An Agent-Based Simulation Approach

2011. Cheng-Chieh Hsiao (National Chengchi University), Carol Yeh-Yun Lin (National Chengchi University). Do Supportive Human Resource Practices Mediate the Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Firm Performance?

2010. Matthew W. Ford, Northern Kentucky University; James R. Evans and Suzanne S. Masterson, University of Cincinnati.The Road to Maturity: Process Management and Integration of Strategic Human Resource Processes.

2009. Jian Hua, University of the District of Columbia, and Sanjay Bapna, Morgan State University.The Impact of Cyber Terrorism on Investment for Information System Security.

2008. Kwasi Amoako-Gyampah, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Moses Acquaah, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; and Jayanth M. Jayaram, University of South Carolina. The Effects of Human Resource Management, Manufacturing and Marketing Strategy on Competitive Strategy and Firm Performance in an Emerging Economy: A Comparative Analysis of Family and Non-Family Firms.

2007. n/a

2006. Manuel Tarrazo, University of San Francisco. Identifying Securities to Buy: The Heuristic ri/stdi.

2005. Subhashish Samaddar, Georgia State University; Satish Nargundkar, Georgia State University; Marcia Daley, Georgia State University. "Does Structure Matter? Exploring the Influence of Supply Network Configuration on IIS and Performance."

2004. Timothy Baker, Washington State University; and Nagesh N. Murthy, University of Oregon. "Performance Implications for Multi-Unit Online Auctions in the Presence of Forecast Errors."

2003. Wing M. Fok, Loyola University New Orleans Jing Li, Lillian Y. Fok, and Sandra J. Hartman, University of New Orleans. "An Exploratory Study of Quality Management Programs, the Use of Various Information Systems, Organizational Culture, and Perceptions of Success: A Sample from Mainland China."

2002. Krish Muralidhar, University of Kentucky; Rathindra Sarathy, Oklahoma State University. "What Could They Find? An Assessment of Security Risk."

2001. Kakoli Bandyopadhyay, Lamar University; and Lawrence L. Schkade, University of Texas at Arlington. "An Empirical Investigation of the Initiation, Adoption, and Implementation of Disaster Recovery Planning by Health Maintenance Organizations."

2000. Stelios (Steve) H. Zanakis, Florida International University, Michael Doumpos, Technical University of Crete, and Constantin Zopounidis, Technical University of Crete. "Global Investing Risk - Assessments of Experts."

1999. Caron H. St. John, Clemson University, Nagraj Balakrishnan, Clemson University, and James O. Fiet, University of the Pacific. "Using Neural Networks to Predict the Wealth Effects of Corporate Strategy Decisions."

1998. Asoo J. Vakharia, University of Florida, Jayashree Mahajan, University of Florida. "An Alternative Approach for Solving Clustering Problems in Manufacturing and Marketing."

1997. Madeleine E. Pullman, Southern Methodist University, and William L. Moore, University of Utah. "Optimal Service Design: Integrating Marketing and Operations Elements for Capacity Decisions."

1996. Larry J. Menor, Aleda V. Roth, and Charlotte H. Mason, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "Operations Agility and Market Leadership in Services: An Exploratory Study of Competitive Capabilities and Performance."

1995. Noel C. Smith, University of Texas-Arlington, Mark Eakin, University of Texas-Arlington, Craig Slinkman, University of Texas-Arlington, Frank J. Papa, University of North Texas, and Anthony Clark, University of North Texas Health Science Center. "A Graphical Decision Support Tool for Medical Diagnosis: Cuts Costs While Improving Quality in Pilot Study."

1994. Robert B. Handfield, Michigan State University and Soumen Ghosh, Georgia Institute of Technology. "A Case Study of Total Quality Management and Organizational Change."

1993. Mark E. Nissen, University of Southern California. "Multivariate Statistics and Symbolic Artificial Intelligence: Analytical and Empirical Comparisons in Language Recognition."

1992. Charles R. Franz, University of Missouri and K. Gregory Jin, Western Connecticut State University. "A Speech Interaction Model and Methodology for Assessing Group Dynamics during System Development."

1991. Vivian Carpenter, Wayne State University. "Institutional Theory, Resource Dependence, and Self Interests: Implications for Governmental Accounting Research."

1990. Patricia L. Nemetz, Eastern Washington University. "An Empirical Analysis for the Factory of the Future."

1989. John Robb Dixon and Alfred J. Nanni, Jr., Boston University. "An Instrument for Investigating the Relationships Among Manufacturing Strategy, Actions and Performance Measures."

1988. Robert E. Markland and Murray L. Vincent, University of South Carolina. "Improving Resource Allocation in a Teenage Sexual Risk Reduction Program."

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Best Theoretical/Empirical Research Paper

2013. Kaitlin Wowak, The University of Notre Dame; Christopher Craighead, The Pennsylvania State University; Dave Ketchen, Auburn University.
Why Do Some Product Recalls Succeed and Others Fail?: A Grounded Theory Investigation of the Recall Process

2012. Emre M. Demirezen (Texas A&M University), Subodha Kumar (Texas A&M University), Bala Shetty (Texas A&M University).
Co-Production and Co-Creation of Value: A Differential Games Approach

2011. Kuo-Ting Hung (Suffolk University), Chanchai Tangpong (North Dakota State University)
Synergistic Use of Experiment and Survey for Cross-Level Behavioral OM Research

2010. Jane Barnes and Ying Liao, Meredith College
Successful Supply Chain Management Systems: The Role of Individual, Network, and Collaborative Competencies

2009. Peter G. Zhang, Georgia State University, and Yusen Xia, Georgia State University
Does Quality Still Pay: A Reexamination of the Relationship between Effective Quality Management and Firm Performance

2008. Guoming Lai, Carnegie Mellon University
Buy Now and Match Later: The Impact of Posterior Price Matching on Profit with Strategic Consumers

2007. Young H. Chun, Louisiana State University
Optimal Search and Stopping Rules for the Continuous-Type Dichotomous Search

2006. Minghe Sun, The University of Texas at San Antonio
A Multiple-Class Support Vector Machine, Theory and Model

2005. Goutam N. Challagalla, Georgia Institute of Technology; Nagesh N. Murthy, University of Oregon; Leslie H. Vincent, Georgia Institute of Technology
The Impact of Simulation Training on Call Center Agent Performance: A Field-Based Investigation

2004. Mohan Subramaniam, Boston College; and Mark A Youndt, Skidmore College. "The Influence of Intellectual Capital on the Types of Innovative Capabilities."

2003. Minghe Sun, University of Texas, San Antonio. "Multiple-Group Discriminant and Classification Analysis with Linear Programming Approaches."

2002. Hani Mesak, Louisiana Tech University; Hongkai Zhang, East Central University. "Optimum Scheduling of Advertising Pulses Over Time."

2001. Joy M. Field, Boston College; and Kingshuk K. Sinha, University of Minnesota. "Applying Process Knowledge for Yield Variation Reduction."

2000. Paul C. Nutt, The Ohio State University. "Intelligence Gathering for Decision-Making."

1999. Jun Zhao, Governors State University, Michael D. Michalisin, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, and Charles I. Stubbart, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. "Corporate Refocusing During the 1990s: A New Typology with an Empirical Investigation of Its Performance Consequences."

1998. Helen M. Moshkovich, University of West Alabama, Alexander I. Mechitov, University of West Alabama, David L. Olson, Texas A&M University. "Ordinal Judgments in Multiattribute Decision Analysis."

1997. Lee J. Krajewski and Jerry C. Wei, University of Notre Dame. "Supply-Chain Flexibility."

1996. Anil Khurana, Boston University, and F. Brian Talbot, The University of Michigan Robert Klassen, The University of Western Ontario. "Global Manufacturing Strategies: Can Internationalization Models Explain These?"

1995. Michael J. Brusco, Florida State University, and Tony R. Johns, Clarion University. "A Sequential Integer Programming Method for Discontinuous Labor Tour Scheduling."

1994. Michael P. Lillis, Medaille College and Raymond G. Hunt, State University of Now York at Buffalo. "An Application of Signal Detection Theory in the Evocation of Choice: Situational, Task and Individual Differences in Problem Recognition Performance."

1993. Ching-Chung Kuo and Krishna S. Dhir, The Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg, and Fred W. Glover, University of Colorado at Boulder. "Maximizing Diversity: Concept, Formulations, and Applications."

1992. S. Christian Albright, F. Robert Jacobs and John R. Willems, Indiana University. "Representing Process and Group Technology Layouts with a Closed Network Queueing Model."

1991. Renu Ramnarayanan and William L. Gardner, III, University of Mississippi. "Interactions Among Presentation Formats, Cognitive Styles and Time Constraints: An Experimental Study."

1990. J. Keith Ord, The Pennsylvania State University, and Anne B. Koehler, Miami University. "A Structural Model for the Multiplicative Holt-Winters Method."

1989. Chao-Hsien Chu and Wenyih Lee, Iowa State University. "A Comparison of 0-1 Integer Programming Models for Manufacturing Cell Formation."

1988. Paul C. Nutt, The Ohio State University. "Formulation Tactics Used by Managers in Strategic Decision Making."

1987. William I. Bullers, Jr., University of New Mexico. "A Tripartite Approach to Information Systems Development."

1985. Mark I. Rosen, Ramon J. Aldag, and Harold J. Joseph, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Workplace Coping: Development of a Structural Equation Model."

1983. Lee J. Krajewski, The Ohio State University, Barry E. King, The Ohio State University, Larry P. Ritzman, The Ohio State University, Danny S. Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong. "Kanban, MRP, and Shaping the Production Environment."

1981. Bruce L. Golden, University of Maryland, and Edward A. Wasil, University of Maryland. "A Curve Fitting Experiment in Estimating Optimal Solution Values to Travelling Salesman Problems."

1980. Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University. "Teaching Quantitative Methods by General Problem Solving Heuristics."

1979. H. Albert Napier and Earle Steinberg. "Optimal Multi-Level Lot Sizing for Requirements Planning Systems."

1978. Bert M. Steece, University of Oregon. "Model Adequacy: A Bayesian Viewpoint."

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Instructional Innovation Award

The Instructional Innovation Award seeks to recognize outstanding contributions that advance instructional approaches within the decision sciences. The focus of this award is innovation in college- or university-level teaching.

2013. To be determined at the annual meeting.

2012. Monica Adya, Marquette University; Bryan Temple, Glasglow Caledonian University; and Donald Hepburn, Glasgow Caledonian University
Distant Yet Near: Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Learning between Engineering and Business Students through Socially Responsible Projects

2011. Alan Abrahams, Virginia Tech
Expeditionary Learning in Information Systems: Definition, Implementation and Assessment

2010. Anne Maggs and Timothy M. Bergquist, Northwest Christian University
Use of an Online Educational Novel in an Introductory Small-Business Management Class

2009. Robert P. Sroufe, Duquesne University
The Integration of Real-World Student Projects into a MBA Program

2008. Janelle Heineke, Boston University; Larry Meile, Boston College Carroll School of Management; Linda Boardman Liu, Boston University; Jane Davies, Boston University
Project Flip: An Interactive Case/Exercise in Managing Uncertainty

2007. Grandon Gill, University of South Florida
A Self-Paced, Game-Based Programming Course

2006. Sandra Strasser, Valparaiso University
Statistics Students Create Their Own Textbook Using Wiki Technology.

2005. Grandon Gill, University of South Florida
A Learner-Centered Capstone Course for an MIS Masters Degree Program

2004. Natalie Simpson, SUNY at Buffalo
Educational Autonomation: Creating Case Study Challenges for Large Enrollment Classes

2003. Lee Revere, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Classroom Jeopardy: A Winning Approach for Improving Student Assessment, Performance, and Satisfaction

2002. S. Thomas Foster, Jr, Boise State University
Free Quality: A Free Resource for the Quality-minded Professional

2001. John Todd, University of Arkansas; Ken Vickers, University of Arkansas
New Course: Intra/Entrepreneurship of Technology.

2000. Robert Minch, Boise State University; Sharon Tabor, Boise State University
Teaching Network Management Hands-On: Experiences with a Student-Run Internet Service Provider.

1999. Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University; Robert Elrod, Georgia State University
From Worst to First: An Innovative EMBA (and MBA) Decision Science Course

1998. Karen A. Brown, Seattle University
Making a Difference: The Community Service Project Management Class.

1997. Peter Arnold and Anil Khurana, Boston University
SM323: The Cross-Functional Core

1996. O. Homer Erekson, Orie L. Loucks, Raymond F. Gorman, Pam Johnson, and Timothy C. Krehbiel, Miami University. Sustainability Perspectives in Resources and Business: An Interdisciplinary Course for Business and Science Majors

1995. Chetan S. Sankar, Scott Kramer and Kamal K. Hingorani, Auburn University
Using Information Technology Based Case Studies to Teach Managerial Issues in Project Management.

1994. Christine H. Lamb, James B. Lee, and Karen L. Vinton, Montana State University
Business as a Performing Art: Empowering Student Outcomes in a Resource-Constrained Environment.

1993. Earl H. McKinney, Jr., United States Air Force Academy
The Management Capstone Course: Strategy, Marketing, and MIS in the One School Roomhouse.

1992. David M. Dilts, University of Waterloo
Demonstrating Interfirm Relationships in the Classroom: The Supply Chain Game.

1991. Donald L. Harnett, Indiana University. Integrating Quantitative Models and Managerial Economics in the MBA Core.

1990. Morag Stewart, Eastern Washington University, and Vance Cooney, University of Arizona. Practice What You Teach: Using a Database to Teach Database Concepts.

1989. Peter W. Stonebraker, Northeastern Illinois University. The `Little Red Wagon' Course.

1988. Peeter Kirs, The University of Texas @ El Paso. A Role-Playing Approach to Systems Analysis and Design.

1987. Lori S. Franz, University of Missouri-Columbia. A Board Meeting Approach for Integrating Analysis and Communication Skills into Quantitative Methods Courses.

1986. R. Lawrence LaForge, Clemson University, and Charles W. McNichols, Radford University. An Integrative, Experiential Approach to Teaching Production Management.

1985. Roger J. Gagnon, Wake Forest University. Teaching Operations Design: An Experiential Project Approach.

1984. James R. Evans, University of Cincinnati. Integrating Creative Thinking in the Application of Operations Research/Management Science.

1983. David M. Ambrose, University of Nebraska-Omaha, and Roger L. Hayen, Central Michigan University. The Nebraska Rural Communities Program: Decision Support in a Living Laboratory. AND Rebecca J. Klemm, Klemm Analysis Group. Business Statistics: A Consulting Firm Approach.

1982. Samuel E. Bodily, University of Virginia. A Course Structure and Teaching Approach for Decision Models in Management.

1981. Rick Hesse, Mercer University. The Block: Integrating Management and Management Science.

1980. Daniel Robey, Barbara Taggart and Bill Taggart, Florida International University. Decision Styles and Personal Effectiveness.

1979. John C. Anderson, University of Minnesota. Problem Formulation: A Management Science Approach.

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International Meeting Paper Awards

1999 Best Theoretical Papers

Jose H. Dula, University of The Mississippi, USA, and R.M. Thrall, Rice University, USA. "Accelerating DEA over Multiple Models and Forms with Frame."

Karl Inderfurth, Otto - von-Guericke Univ., Germ., A.G. de Kok, Eindhoven Univ. Technology, Netherlands, and S.D.P. Flapper, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, Netherlands. "Product Recovery Policies in Stochastic Remanufacturing Systems with Multiple Reuse Options."

Salvatore Greco, Universita di Catania, Italy, Benedetto Matarazzo, Universita di Catania, Italy, and Roman Slowinski, Poznan Technical University, Poland. "On Joint Use of Indiscernibility, Similarity and Dominance in Rough Approximation of Decision Classes."

1999 Best Application Papers

Krishna S. Dhir, Pennsylvania State University,USA, Warren H. Platt, Swinburne Univ. of Tec., Australia, and Garry Watts, Swinburne Univ. of Tec., Australia. "A Judgement-Analytic Decision Support System for the Management of Admissions to an Academic Program of Study."

Joanna R. Baker, Univ. of North Carolina-Charlotte,USA, A.Cem Saydam, Univ. of North Carolina-Charlotte,USA, and Pamela K. Lattimore, Research Triangle Institute,USA. "An Interactive Workload, Risk Balancing Model and Decision Support System for Probationer Assignment."

1999 Best Interdisciplinary Integration Papers

Stavros Zenios, University of Cyprus, Cyprus, and Andreas C. Soteriou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus. "On the Improvement of Efficiency, Quality and Profitability of Banking Services."

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Journal Awards

Decision Sciences Journal

2013 Best Paper Award (two co-winners)
Using Electronic Medical Records in Admission Decisions: A Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Ofir Ben-Assuli, Faculty of Business Administration, Ono Academic College & Faculty of Management,
Tel-Aviv University; Moshe Leshno, Faculty of Management & Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University

Competition and Sustainability: The Impact of Consumer Awareness
Michael R. Galbreth, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina
Bikram Ghosh, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

2011 Best Paper Award (two co-winners)
Private Labels: Facilitators or Impediments to Supply Chain Coordination

Liwen Chen, Stephen M. Gilbert, and Yusen Xia

The Impact of Geographic Proximity on What to Buy, How to Buy, and Where to Buy: Evidence from High-Tech Durable Goods Market
Ramkumar Janakiraman and Rakesh Niraj

2010 Best Paper Award
Risk Uncertainty and Supply Chain Decisions: A Real Options Perspective

G. Tomas M. Hult, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University
Christopher W. Craighead, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University
David J. Ketchen, Jr., College of Business, Auburn University

2009 Best Paper Award
Shared Services Transformation: Conceptualization and Valuation from the Perspective of Real Options (40(3))

Ning Su, New York University
Rama T. Akkiraju, IBM Almaden Research Center
Nitin Nayak, IBM Watson Research Center
Richard Goodwin, IBM Watson Research Center

2008 Best Paper Award
Information Technology Project Escalation: A Process Model (39(3))
Mark Keil, Georgia State University
Magnus Mahring, Stockholm School of Economics

2007 Best Paper Award
Clinic Overbooking to Improve Patient Access and Provider Productivity
Linda R. LaGanga, Mental Health Center of Denver
Stephen R. Lawrence, University of Colorado at Boulder

2007 Outstanding Associate Editors
Kurt M. Bretthauer, Indiana University
Mark Keil, Georgia State University

2006 Decision Sciences Journal Best Paper
IS Project Continuation in Escalation Situations: A Real Options Approach
Amrit Tiwana, Iowa State University; Mark Keil, Georgia State University; and Robert G. Fichman, Boston College

2005 Decision Sciences Journal Best Paper
Applying Process Knowledge for Yield Variation Reduction: A Longitudinal Field Study
Joy Field, Boston College
K.K. Sinha, University of Minnesota

2005 Decision Sciences Journal Outstanding Associate Editors
Asoo Vakharia, University of Florida
Arun Rai,Georgia State University

2005 Decision Sciences Journal Outstanding Reviewers
Rob Fichman, Boston College
Nancy Lea Hyer,Vanderbilt University
Andreas Soteriou,University of Cyprus

2004 Decision Sciences Journal Best Empirical Paper
The Impact of Organizational Culture on Time-Based Manufacturing and Performance [Vol. 35, No. 4]
Abraham Y. Nahm, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; Mark A. Vonderembse, The University of Toledo; and Xenophon A. Koufteros, Florida Atlantic University

2004 Decision Sciences Journal Best Analytical/Theoretical Paper
A Comparison of Arbitration Procedures for Risk-Averse Disputants [Vol. 35, No. 4]
Michael J. Armstrong, Carleton University, Ottawa

2004 Decision Sciences Journal Best Associate Editors
Paul A. Rubin, Michigan State University
Urban Wemmerlöv, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2004 Decision Sciences Journal Best Reviewers
Rachna Shah, University of Minnesota
Natalie Simpson, University at Buffalo-SUNY

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education

2011 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Paper Awards

Teaching Brief
Teaching Design Thinking Through Case Analysis: Joint Analytical Process (pages 113-118)
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Empirical Paper
Examining the Impact of Pedagogy on Student Application of Learning: Acquiring, Sharing, and Using Knowledge for Organizational Decision Making (pages 3-26)
Alice C. Stewart, Jacqueline Williams, Karen Smith-Gratto, Sylvia Sloan Black and Betty Turner Kane

2010 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Paper Awards

Teaching Brief
Applying Sales and Operations Planning to the Metro-Atlanta Water Crisis
Michael J. Maloni and Richard M. Franza, Kennesaw State University

Empirical Paper
An Exploratory Study of Student Perception of Which Classroom Policies Are Fairest
Edward A. Duplaza and Marzie Astani, Winona State University

2009 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Papers' Awards

Enhancing knowledge transfer in classroom versus online settings: the interplay among instructor, student, content, and context
Louise Nemanich, Arizona State University
Michael Banks, University of Houston
Dusya Vera, University of Houston

An entrepreneurial approach of a geographic information system
Barbara K. Fuller, Winthrop University
David A. Bradbard, Winthrop University

The Art of War: Managing the Intricacies of Supply Chain Power and Trust
Stanley E. Fawcett, Brigham Young University
J. Bonner Ritchie
Cynthia Wallin
Scott C. Webb

2008 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Papers' Awards

Applying the Collective Causal Mapping Methodology to OM Curriculum Development
Julie M. Hays, BEM-Bordeaux Management School
Tatiana Bouzdine-Cahmeeva, BEM-Bordeaux Management School
Susan Meyer Goldstein, University of Minnesota
Arthur V. Hill, University of Minnesota
Annibal Jose Scavarda, Royal Melbourne Institute Technology University

The Power of Doing: A Learning Exercise that Brings the Central Limit Theorem to Life
Barbara A. Price, Georgia Southern University
Xiaolong Zhang, Georgia Southern University

What?! No Quiz Today? An Innovative Framework for Increasing Student Preparation and Participation
Vernon E. Francis, Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas
Nancy Schreiber, Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas

2007 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Papers' Awards

Using Learning Style Instruments to Enhance Student Learning
Thomas F. Hawk, Frostburg State University
Amit Shah, Frostburg State University

Learning from the Pros: Influence of Web-Based Expert Commentary on Vicarious Learning About Financial Markets
Matthew W. Ford, Northern Kentucky University
Daniel Kent, Northern Kentucky University
Steven Devoto, Northern Kentucky University

Impact of Personality on Academic Performance of MBA Students: Qualitative Versus Quantitative Courses
Keith L. Whittingham, Rollins College

2006 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Papers

Virtual and Traditional Feedback-Seeking Behaviors: Underlying Competitive Attitudes and Consequent Grade Performance
Alvin Hwang, Pace University; J.B. Arbaugh, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Examining Drivers of Course Performance: An Exploratory Examination of an Introductory CIS Applications Course
Rhonda Syler, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Casey G. Cegielski, Sharon L. Oswald and R. Kelley Rainer, Jr., Auburn University

The Determinants of Students' Perceived Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction in University Online Education: An Empirical Investigation
Sean B. Eom, Southeast Missouri State University; Nicholas Ashill, School of Marketing and International Business, New Zealand; H. Joseph Wen, Southeast Missouri State University

2005 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Papers

Toward a Typology of Business Education in the Internet Age. Johnny Rungtusanatham (Arizona State University), Lisa M Ellram (Arizona State University), Sue Siferd (Arizona State University), Steve Salik (Arizona State University)

Relationship of Student Undergraduate Achievement and Personality Characteristics in a Total Web-based Environment: An Empirical Study. Marc Schniederjans (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Eyong B Kim (University of Hartford)

Integrating Intellectual Property Concepts into MIS Education: An Empirical Assessment. Peter Mykytyn (Southern Illinois Univ, Carbondale), Kathleen Mykytyn (Southern Illinois Univ, Carbondale), David A Harrison (The Pennsylvania State University)

2004 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Paper (Vol. 1, No. 1)
Structuring the Classroom for Performance: Cooperative Learning with Instructor Assigned Teams
Gary Koppenhaver and Charles B. Shrader, Iowa State University

2004 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Paper (Vol. 1, No. 2)
Student Hits in an Internet-Supported Course: How Can Instructors Use Them and What Do They Mean?
Dan Baugher, Andrew Varanelli, and Ellen Weisbord, Pace University

2004 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Paper (Vol. 2, No. 1)
An Alternate Multiple-Choice Scoring Procedure in a Macroeconomics Course
David A. Bradbard, Winthrop University; Darrell F. Parker, Georgia Southern University; and Gary L. Stone, Winthrop University

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Best Student Paper Awards

2013. Huay Ling Tay, Vikram Bhakoo, and Prakash J. Singh, University of Melbourne, Australia.
Conceptualizing Redundancy in Hospital Operations—The Key to Dynamic Balance

2012. Shakeel Sadiq Jajja and Syed Zahoor Hassan, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan; and Shaukat Ali Brah, Karachi School of Business & Leadership, Pakistan
Product-Innovative Supply Chains: The Role of Strategy and Buyer-Supplier Interface

2011. Melek Akin Ates (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)
The Link between Purchasing Strategies and Purchasing Structure

2010. Oanh T. K. Tran and David D. Dobrzykowski, University of Toledo. A Strategic Supply Chain Alignment Model: The Influence of 3D Strategy Alignment on Performance

2009. Anil Akpinar, Instituto de Empresa, Spain. Aligning Sources of External Knowledge in New Product Development with Choice of Generic Strategy

2008. Antti Tenhiala, Helsinki University of Technology. Applicability of Different Capacity Planning Methods: Practical Implications from Contingency Theory

2007. Evelyne Vanpoucke, Ghent University. Creating Successful Collaborative Relationships: An Empirical Study in Europe

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Special Thanks to DSI Charter Members
Decision Line, October 2004

The Institute would like to recognize and express appreciation to its charter members, listed below, who attended the first organizational meeting of the Institute in 1969. Most of these current charter members have remained and currently are very active in the Institute. Six are past presidents of the Institute, four have served as Editor of the Decision Sciences Journal, and 11 have been members of the Institute's Board of Directors. A grateful thank you is extended to each one for their contributions to the Institute since its inception.

David R. Anderson, University of Cincinnati
Norman L. Chervany, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Rodger Collons, Drexel University
Daniel W. DeHayes, Jr., Indiana University at Bloomington
Lester A. Digman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Virginia L. Fenton, Keen University of New Jersey
John E. Hanke, Eastern Washington University
Jay H. Heizer, Texas Lutheran University
James C. Hershauer, Arizona State University
Elbert W. Hubbard, Virginia Commonwealth University
George A. Johnson, Idaho State University
Seung-Chul Kim, Hanyang University
Lee J. Krajewski, University of Notre Dame
Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University
Sang M. Lee, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Binshan Lin , Louisiana State University in Shreveport
Robert E. Markland, University of South Carolina
Wayne A. Meinhart, Oklahoma State University
Laurence J. Moore, Virginia Tech
Laurence R. Paquette, Westfield State College
Sidhartha Raina, United Airlines
Philip F. Rice, Ouachita Baptist University
Don R. Robinson, Illinois State University
Thomas J. Schriber, University of Michigan
James Sorensen, University of Denver
Paul J. Swanson, Jr., University of Cincinnati
Walton Taylor, University of Southern Mississippi
Howard E. Thompson, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Gary A. Wicklund, Capricorn Research
Frederik P. Williams, University of North Texas

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